Is there any cost to the non-profit organization?

Spur Experiences never charges anything to the non-profit. This is a completely free program.

Can we thank the couples who select us?

Yes! Your Spur Experiences dashboard allows you to quickly send a thank you message to the couple when they choose you and again once you receive the donation. You can also run a report from your dashboard that will allow you to pull all the contact information from your couples.

How can we drive the most donations?

Spur Experiences recommends that organizations spend a little bit of time creating compelling content for their Spur Experiences charity page. Great pictures go a long way to tell your story. Also, consider telling your network about Spur Experiences, and make sure that they select your organization to receive 5% of the sales from their registries.

Why does Spur Experiences only give 5% of sales?

Spur Experiences pays 80% of our sales to our experience provider partners. That leaves 20% to Spur Experiences, of which we donate 5% to charity. It is a very large amount and unheard of in the business world.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. One of Spur Experiences’s core values is “giving”. This drives us as individuals and as a company. Our hope is that charities will share our message with their following (social media, newsletter and word of mouth) and this will drive business to Spur Experiences and donations to the charity.