Cayman Islands Experiences

Cayman Islands
WHY Cayman Islands IS AWESOME
  • Stingrays

    Strange circumstances have led to this odd phenomenon where habituated wild stingrays swim all around you, brushing against your legs in a (mostly) safe environment.

  • Pirates Week

    This ten-day festival celebrates the more ridiculous caricatures of pirates such as Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook.

  • Cash

    Yea, all of those movies that reference “Cayman Banking Accounts” aren’t lying, it is a common place to store offshore cash and that’s evident when you walk through town where, as if they were Starbucks, a bank is on every corner.

  • Marine Life

    The stingrays are only a small part of the marine life surrounding these islands. Sea turtles, for instance, are extremely abundant and many SCUBA enthusiasts frequent the country for the animals including eight species of shark often seen.