Ohio Experiences

  • Lake Erie

    One of the great lakes, Lake Erie offers so many incredible options for playing during the Ohio summers. Ohioans enjoy camping, boating, and beach days

  • Cedar Point

    Speaking of Lake Erie, Cedar Point, arguably the country's (maybe even the world's) best amusement park, sits on the lake's coast in Sandusky. As of the time of this article, the park has 18 roller coasters, and it is the only amusement park with 6 roller coasters over 200 feet in height.

  • Sports

    Ohio sports fans are deeply loyal and energetic about their teams. The Ohio State University football team is one of the premium programs in the country. The Cleveland Browns, once the brunt of jokes in the NFL, has had recent success which has reenergized the fan base. The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio is a must-visit for sports fans.

  • Evolving Cities

    Ohio's biggest cities, including Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, have reinvented themselves over the last decade. They are bringing people back to the cities with enhanced culture, activities, and dining.

  • Four Seasons

    For those who like a changing of the seasons, Ohio has the full range.