New Mexico Experiences

New Mexico
  • Natural Beauty

    New Mexico has some stunningly beautiful scenery. From White Sands National Park to Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico has some incredible sites to see.

  • Hot Air Balloons

    Albuquerque is recognized as the hot air balloon capital of the world. The balloon events are a blast.

  • Mountains

    The southern Rocky Mountains run into New Mexico. The mountains offer an abundance of outdoor fun in the summers and winters. The state has ten ski resorts, most prominently in Taos.

  • The Food

    Very few states have their own style of food, but New Mexico is an exception. Blue corn pancakes, pinon coffee, and green chile anything. New Mexico is a tasty destination.

  • Rich History

    New Mexico has an incredibly rich history, dating back to native societies, Spanish explorers, Mexican territory, and US expansion. The state has invested in preserving the sites to honor the history.

  • Santa Fe

    Santa Fe is truly a one-of-a-kind city. It is the country's highest elevation capital city. The art and food scenes are fantastic. Santa Fe also offers plenty of outdoors recreation.

  • Those Beautiful Autumns

    Falls in New Mexico are nearly perfect. The weather is warm and sunny, but certainly not hot. Most locals (and travel experts) agree that this is the best time to visit New Mexico.