Georgia Experiences

  • Atlanta

    Atlanta is easily the biggest city in Georgia, and it offers a very diverse range of activities and dining. For a big city, it is relatively affordable. It has pro teams in all major sports, a great foodies scene, and diverse culture.

  • Savannah

    Savannah has been ranked as one of the country's most beautiful cities. The city combines coastal scenic views with wonderfully-maintained historic buildings. Side benefit - you can take your cocktails to-go from the bars and enjoy while walking around town and viewing the architecture.

  • Music

    Georgia has a rich history of musicians who called the state home. The top of the list includes James Brown, Ray Charles, Alan Jackson, REM, and Zac Brown Band. People enjoy live music joints as well as major concerts and events.

  • Food

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that the "Peach State" loves their food. The state is also known for southern comfort food. Pro tip - the food truck scene is top notch.

  • History

    The state has incredibly rich history from Civil War battles to MLK and the civil rights movement.

  • Golf

    The most prestigious golf tournament, The Masters, is held in Augusta. The state offers 400 golf courses for those of us that don't qualify for The Masters.