How It Works

The Most Popular Types of Registries

Wedding registries tend to fall into one of these three categories:


Most SPUR EXPERIENCES copies choose to have multiple kinds of registries.
choose the combination that's right for you!


Couples register for real experiences that they plan on enjoying together. Spur partners with experience providers like spas, breweries, and tour companies.
These partners offer their experiences at or below standard retail price through Spur.
Spur does not charge fees for creating a registry or purchasing gifts. Spur simply earns a sales commission from our experience partners.
The average couple creates three wedding registries. Many include one for products, another for cash, and Spur for unforgettable experiences.

How does it work?

Couples create a free wedding registry through the Spur website or the app on iPhone and
Android. Couples then choose from thousands of real experiences to add to their wedding
registry. Friends and family purchase experiential gifts. Once couples are ready to make a
memory, they can schedule their experience through their Spur account.

Why use Spur for our wedding registry?

Science tells us that a key to happiness is sharing experiences with loved ones. Spur is a platform where couples “collect moments, not things”.
Spur recognizes that great gifts come in many forms including products, cash, and experiences.
The average couple creates three different wedding registries to cover the range of gifts.


How does partial purchase work?

For gifts that cost over $100, Spur gives customers the option of “partial purchase”. Spur splits the cost into 10 partial units (each priced at 10% of the total cost).
This keeps gifting affordable and flexible while allowing couples to feel free to add extraordinary experiences.
If the experience is not fully funded, couples have the option of purchasing the remaining units or simply exchanging the partial funds towards credit in their e-wallet.

What is the e-wallet?

Many couples receive an experience but later decide that they would like to enjoy a different
experience instead. Spur created the e-wallet to make give flexibility to our couples. The
e-wallet holds the funds from all gift certificates, ticketing purchases, and any exchanges.
Couples can use the e-wallet towards the purchase of any experience at any time. Please note
that Spur is not a cash registry and funds are not paid out as cash. Spur registries are
intended for couples to actually go on the experiences.


How does ticketing work?

Spur partners with a ticketing provider to bring sports, theater and concerts to our customers.
You can simply add the events that interest you to your Spur wedding registry. For instance, you
could add “Los Angeles Lakers Tickets”. You don’t need to know what specific date or event you
plan on attending when you add the ticketing experience to your registry. Guests can choose the
amount that they would like to contribute, and those funds are deposited in your e-wallet. You
can then click into Spur ticketing and choose any event (even if you decide on something other
than for which you initially registered) and select your seats. Please note that this is a
resell environment (similar to companies like Stubhub) so tickets may be priced higher or lower
than original face value.


What if you change your mind about an experience?

What if you change your mind about an experience?

Want to continue to go on experiences or buy for a friend?

Want to continue to go on experiences or buy for a friend?