Pennsylvania Experiences

WHY Pennsylvania IS AWESOME
  • Great Cities

    Pittsburgh and Philadelphia bookend the state, west and east respectively. Both iconic American cities, but wildly different from each other.

  • American History

    Pennsylvania was originally founded as a home territory for the Quakers. Philadelphia was the site of the first two Continental Congresses and produced the Declaration of Independence. 90 years later, Gettysburg was the site of one of the most influential (and turning point) battles of the Civil War.

  • Food

    The state offers plenty for foodies. Philadelphia offers a range from elevated dining restaurants to traditional Philly cheesesteak perfection. Pittsburgh is largely influenced by its European ethnic roots. The food pulls from German, Irish, Italian, and Polish roots. The pierogies are a must.

  • Pro Sports

    Pennsylvania sports fans are a different kind of intense about their teams. This especially comes out in their support of NFL teams the Philadelphia Eagles and the (6-time Super Bowl champion) Pittsburgh Steelers.