Alaska Experiences

  • Natural Beauty

    Alaska is simply one of the most beautiful places in the world. Visitors explore the mountains, glaciers, forests, and waterways.

  • Wildlife

    Alaska has bears (grizzly, black, and polar), moose, caribou, eagles, mountain goats, whales, and more.

  • Tours

    Alaska has a big industry for tourism. Visitors check out the famous sites by boat, seaplane, dogsled, helicopters, and more.

  • Summertime

    The summers are incredible. The weather is mild and the days are long. Alaska comes to life for the summer months. It is easily the busiest season for tourism.

  • Midnight Sun

    Speaking of long days, Alaskans celebrate the midnight sun. Many parts of the state receive over 20 hours of daily sun around the summer solstice.

  • Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights should be on any world traveler's bucket list. The stunning colors of green and purple are unlike anything seen in the lower 48.

  • Seafood

    Alaska has some incredible fishing. Most famously, the area has some of the best salmon in the world.