Puerto Rico Experiences

Puerto Rico
  • International Feel

    Puerto Rico is an “unincorporated U.S. territory” and while we recognize it as, effectively, another state we wish to highlight the cultural and natural wonders of these islands with a “country” profile on the Spur Experiences site because there’s so much to see at this destination. The culture of Puerto Rico is similar to that of Latin American countries, while the natural attractions are mesmerizing.

  • Family

    When we think of Puerto Rican culture, we can’t help but smile at the in-depth sense of family the culture demands. Traditionally families are large and paramount on the island leading to extensive family gatherings and cookouts. What’s more is the people are so inviting and accommodating that even as a visitor you’re welcomed in as an extension of that same family.

  • Vieques

    The island of Vieques is off the east coast of Puerto Rico and is a tropical paradise offering scooter rentals, beaches, bioluminescent lagoons, and quaint restaurants serving amazing food. Take the ferry from the mainland for the day or, better yet, for a few nights so you can really relax and enjoy this small retreat. Oh, and there's wild horses there!

  • Nature

    From the aforementioned bioluminescent locations to the surfing options on the northwestern coast to the coral reefs primed for snorkeling to the tropical rainforest of the interior Puerto Rico offers a wide array of nature-focused excursions.