• Food Variety

    Anyone who has been to The Netherlands can attest that they have some of the best food in Europe thanks to various influences from culinary rich neighboring nations in Europe. That affinity for gastronomy paired with Aruba’s proximity to other flavorful cultures such as Venezuela, Colombia, and the Caribbean leads to an array of delectable options.

  • Land Experiences

    Don’t get us wrong, there are still the water activities one would expect on an island in the Caribbean but the unique thing about Aruba is, due to its arid environment, there are many other land-based activities which either aren’t offered in nearby islands, or not to the same level of enjoyment as Aruba. Hop on an ATV and cruise the beaches and the interior while here.

  • Weather

    Flaunted as having the most days of sunshine in the Caribbean and among the least rain Aruba is often considered a haven for Americans looking to escape dreary weather back home. On top of that, it’s too far south to experience hurricanes so it has virtually no threat of those natural disasters.