Jamaica Experiences

  • Culture

    Sometimes the Caribbean islands can feel like they have very similar cultures which, while being untrue as there are nuanced differences, is a big reason why Jamaica is such a draw. The culture here is one filled with kindness, low stress, and camaraderie.

  • Food

    The restaurants and street food of Jamaica will keep you returning regularly. Jerk chicken, especially that cooked outside on a makeshift grill, is just about the most delicious thing you’ll ever eat. The domestic food chain called Juici Patties is the equivalent to late night visit to Taco Bell after drinking; it’s delicious.

  • Drinks

    No doubt when you think of Jamaican beer your mind goes straight to Red Stripe lager. It’s a tasty yet typical island lager. What you might not realize is there is a variation of it called Red Stripe Bold which has a little more flavor, and a higher alcohol content. Additionally, believe it or not but stout is extremely popular within the country including a locally brewed rendition of Guinness, as well as the very popular Dragon Stout. And, finally, we can’t ignore the many rum distilleries in country.

  • Water Activities

    From gorgeous beaches to deep sea fishing to interior waterfall hikes Jamaica is a country surrounded by and filled with amazing water-based activities. You’re going to use your hiking books and beach sandals a lot when visiting Jamaica so pack appropriately and be ready to get a sweat on and cool off in the waters.