• The Weather (for Half of the Year)

    For much of the US, Arizona is an escape from the cold winter months. Arizona is mild, warm, and sunny from October through April. For most, May through September can get uncomfortably hot.

  • The Desert

    The only four deserts in the US are all in, at least partially, the state of Arizona. The deserts represent a playground for many. People enjoy hiking through the parks, riding ATVs over the sand dunes, or simply exploring the unique beauty of these deserts.

  • Phoenix

    The Phoenix metro area is the 12th most populated in the country. This area has nearly 5 million of the state's 7 million residents. The various cities in the metro area offer a large variety of experiences.

  • Golf

    Arizona is a perfect golf getaway as the prime golf season is complimentary to other US destinations. Arizona has more than 300 golf courses.

  • Pro and College Sports

    Arizona is the spring training host of about half of Major League Baseball's teams. Phoenix is home to a pro team for each of the four major sports leagues. Also, the state is home to two Pac-12 colleges in Arizona State University and University of Arizona. The state hosts several bowl games each year.

  • Dining

    Phoenix and Tucson are recognized for their food and dining options. Some attribute the success to the need for in-door entertainment during the warm months. Regardless of why Arizona has great food, we enjoy the fruits of their success.

  • Old West Roots

    Arizona has an indisputably rich history. The western roots are on display throughout the state. From Tombstone to Flagstaff, Arizona does a fantastic job of preserving and celebrating its wild west history.

  • The Grand Canyon

    One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is a must-visit for anybody.