Oregon Experiences

  • The Coast

    Oregon's Pacific coast is diverse and beautiful. Visitors enjoy exploring the beach towns and the local wildlife.

  • Portland

    The state is unique in that it only has one city over a population of 200,000 people. Portland is by far the biggest city in the state, but it is so much more. The city has year-round entertainment, wonderful parks, and a great culture.

  • Culture

    Speaking of great culture, the entire state of Oregon has an expressive identity. The culture is based around inclusiveness, a love of the outdoors, an appreciation for the arts, and a passion for great food.

  • Food

    Much of Oregon is a foodies' paradise. From street trucks to fresh farm food to seafood restaurants on the coast, Oregon offers a diversity of amazing food options.

  • Beer and Wine

    Boozies rejoice! Oregon is one of the top states for the beer scene with some awesome microbreweries. Oregon is also the #3 state for most wineries (behind California and Washington).

  • Sports

    Oregon is vastly underrated for its sport scene. The state has some stellar collegiate sports. The state's favorite team is the Portland Trailblazers, but another team to follow is the MLS Portland Timbers soccer team.