New Jersey Experiences

New Jersey
  • The Beaches

    New Jersey offers 130 miles of beaches, many nestled in seaside towns with boardwalks, seafood restaurants, and amusement parks.

  • Charming Small Towns

    Fun fact... New Jersey is the country's most densely populated state. Despite that, 70% of New Jersey's municipalities have a population under 15,000. The towns have a wonderful vibe, charming main streets, and tasty diners.

  • Livability

    New Jersey was recently (July 2021) ranked the #1 state to live in. This was based on several important factors, including #4 lowest crime rate, access to nature, affordability, education, and health care.

  • Access to NYC

    New Jersey offers the dual benefit of access to what many call the world's greatest city (NYC) without the hefty rent/mortgage expense.