Chile Experiences

  • The Andes Mountains

    Chile is the tallest (north-to-south) country in the world. This yields incredible diversity in terrain, wildlife, and weather. Patagonia is a world-famous region, roughly half of which sits in Chile, where explorers come to play.

  • The Atacama Desert

    The Atacama Desert sits just west of the Andes Mountains. The desert feels like another world and many have compared the striking landscapes (and dryness) to Mars. Speaking of other-worldly, the desert offers some of the best stargazing on planet earth.

  • Santiago and Valparaiso

    Santiago and Valparaiso sit just over an hour's car ride apart, so they are perfect for visiting as part of combination trip. While they are close in proximity, these two cities are very different. Valparaiso is on the coast, while Santiago is inland. Valparaiso has an old-world charm, having been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Santiago blends old and new as it celebrates its rich history blended with a cosmopolitan feel.

  • Easter Island

    Easter Island is part of Chile, but it isn't close to the mainland. It requires a 5-hour flight to reach, but it is well-worth the trip. It is known for the moai, which are archaeological statues that were created to represent the heads of families.