San Luis Potosi Experiences

San Luis Potosi
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WHY San Luis Potosi IS AWESOME
  • Real de Catorce

    Explore the enchanting ghost town of Real de Catorce, with its cobblestone streets, historic churches, and a mystical desert landscape that attracts spiritual seekers.

  • Huasteca Potosina

    Discover the natural beauty of Huasteca Potosina, an area with lush waterfalls, turquoise rivers, and captivating limestone formations, such as the surreal Micos Waterfalls.

  • Plaza de Armas

    Experience the lively atmosphere of Plaza de Armas in San Luis Potosí's capital city, surrounded by historical buildings and bustling cafes.

  • Xilitla

    Marvel at the surreal gardens of Las Pozas in Xilitla, an artistic creation of Edward James, featuring extraordinary sculptures and structures set amidst a tropical jungle.

  • Sierra Gorda

    Explore the picturesque Sierra Gorda region, characterized by lush forests, rugged landscapes, and centuries-old missions.

  • Mexican Gastronomy

    Indulge in the rich flavors of San Luis Potosí's cuisine, with dishes like enchiladas potosinas, zacahuil, and a variety of traditional sweets.