EXPLORE Guanajuato and Queretaro
WHY Guanajuato and Queretaro IS AWESOME
  • Plaza de Armas Querétaro

    Really the central hub of Querétaro, this is a tree lined square during which you can spend an afternoon just strolling about, admiring the 17th century homes, partaking of the amazing food in the restaurants and cafes and getting a real sense of the city.

  • Cervantino Festival

    Named in honor of Don Quixote author, Miguel Cervantes, the four-week festival in October is Guanajuato’s most popular. Art exhibitions, musical concerts and performing arts of all sorts can be seen throughout the city, in churches, on the streets, in parks, you name it.

  • El Peral

    An ecotourism adventure, this is a protected region in which you not only see wildlife and lush vegetation, but the adventure part is the real attraction. Ziplining, rappelling and cruising along on an ATV are just the start!