What is Spur Experiences?

Spur Experiences is an experience-based wedding registry. Engaged couples skip on the linens and toasters, and instead register for memorable experiences such as wine tasting, couples massages, cooking classes and skydiving. Our slogan is “Collect Moments, Not ThingsSM.

our “why”

Spur Experiences fundamentally believes that happiness is experiencing things, not owning things.
Science supports this position:

“The Science of Why You
Should Spend your money on
experiences, not things ”

“How money buys happiness:
buy experiences ”

“You can buy happiness,
If it’s an experience ”

We believe that registering with Spur Experiences leads to happier marriages.

HOW Spur Experiences STARTED

Historically, when attending a wedding, most people either give household items (blenders,
china, dishes, etc.) or they give cash.

the traditional registry

A few years ago, Spur Experiences founding CEO Cody
Sudmeier attended a wedding where the couple
had chosen a traditional household goods registry.
Because of his procrastination in buying a gift, the
last item on the registry was a $120 set of salt and
pepper shakers.
He commented,
“There has to be a better registry. ”

the alternative registry

A few months later, Cody gave another engaged
couple money toward “swimming with the
dolphins” on their honeymoon registry.
When the couple returned from their honeymoon,
he was excited to see pictures of their aquatic
adventure, only to find out that they had decided to
save the cash to help pay bills.
This left him feeling misled.

the Spur Experiences registry

In response to these experiences, and an overall realization that our society is going through a drastic shift
where we value experiencing life instead of collecting stuff, Cody founded Spur Experiences in 2014.

Company facts

  • Launched in February 2014.
  • Spur Experiences projects over 10,000 couples creating a Spur Experiences registry in 2018.
  • Headquartered at Denver's Taxi District.
  • Currently available in CA, WA, OR, CO and NV. Will be launching in UT, NM, and AZ in May 2018. Spur Experiences will then be expanding to the northeast US, Florida, and Texas.
  • Primarily a web-based business and can be found at
  • Additionally, Spur Experiences offers several hundred travel experiences throughout Latin America.

Owner Background

Cody was born and raised in the Denver area. He cofounded his first company, Agility Solution, in 2005. Agility Solution is a consulting firm that was twice recognized by the Denver Business Journal as Denver's Fastest Growing Company.

In late 2014, Cody sold his interest in Agility in order to focus fully on Spur Experiences.


Spur Experiences partners with great experience providers throughout the western US and Latin America. Spur Experiences operates on a retail/wholesale model where the company keeps a commission for the sales generated through the site. Spur Experiences is continuously recruiting great experience provider partners.


One of Spur Experiences's core values is giving. When a couple registers with Spur Experiences, they are able to select a charity that is meaningful to them. Spur Experiences commits to giving 5% of the sales from that couple's registry to the charity that they have selected.

Spur Experiences partners with over 250 local and national charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Special Olympics, Anchor Center for Blind Children, and the Returning Veterans Project.

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Spur Experiences's monthly blog features include “5 Wedding Traditions to Keep” and “5 Wedding Traditions to Ditch.”

Bridal Shows

Spur Experiences presents at approximately 20 bridal shows per year, including Rocky Mountain Bridal Show, Colorado Bridal Show, Bridal Festivals and Bridal Extravaganza.

Story Ideas

Story Ideas


More and more people are becoming interested in startups and their founders. Shark Tank features entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to investors and the show regularly reels in 5 million viewers (along with 4 Emmys). HBO's Silicon Valley is another hit TV show based in the startup world.

Cody Sudmeier founded Denver-based Spur Experiences in 2014. Cody is a serial entrepreneur who previously co-founded and sold Agility Solutions, as well as founded All The Above Clothing. Cody has received several business awards, including Denver Business Journal's "40 Under 40", which recognizes the top 40 Denver professionals under the age of 40.


Consider profiling Cody Sudmeier and co-founder Jamie Regehr. The business is somewhere between "we have no idea if this will work" and "we've made it" so it is a very interesting time to profile the business.


According to Fortune, two thirds of millennials are more likely to want to work for a company that gives back (

According to Accessories Magazine, "90% of U.S. shoppers are likely to switch to a cause branded product, according to a Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study."

Specific to the weddings - According to TheKnot, "Up 233% year to year, one in ten (10%) couples incorporated charity gifting into their wedding registry in 2017. When charity registries were available, 15% of guests reported contributing to the charity."


Spur Experiences gives back in a major way. Spur Experiences couples are able to select a charity to tie to their registry. Spur Experiences contributes 5% of the sales from the couple’s registry to the charity they have selected. The 5% actually represents one-fifth of Spur Experiences's gross margin.

The story could include interviewing Spur Experiences couples on why they selected the organization that they did. We could also interview specific non-profits. Lastly, we could profile the Spur Experiences founders to get their take on why giving back is so important.


The wedding industry is seeing a technological revolution. According to TheKnot, 2017 was the first year where the "online registry creation for couples’ primary wedding registries was more popular than setting up registries in store this year (55% versus 44%)." TheKnot also stated "96% of couples with wedding registries primarily manage them online." See the full report at:


Spur Experiences has thousands of couples who have created wedding registries, many of whom have recently gotten married. We could profile a few of these couples, interviewing them on why they chose Spur Experiences, and even follow along as they go on some of their experiences.

Spur Experiences can also send your reporters (plus guests) on some of our experiences. This way, your team, and the audience, can see first-hand why experiences create happiness.


While traditional retail sales are declining, experiential sales are surging. According to HSBC and the Bureau of Economic Analysis, spending (as a % of consumption) on travel, recreation, and eating out has steadily increased over the last 15 years. Meanwhile, relative spending on cars and household goods has dropped.


As an example of the larger trend, we can feature an engaged or recently married couple who registered with Spur Experiences. Weddings are perhaps the most drastic example of how traditional spending is related to household items (blenders, toasters, china, etc.). Modern couples are going minimalistic and choosing experiential gifts.

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