Spur is a wedding registry for experiences where engaged couples and individuals register for memorable experiences. Spur Experiences partners with great experiences providers in Western U.S., major Eastern U.S. cities, and Latin America. Spur Experiences offers over 2,000 great experiences and continues to grow and expand. See the full list of experiences here.

SPUR Experiences partners with Bed Bath & Beyond to bring experiences to their customers and registries.
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Spur Experiences vouchers never expire.
If you change your mind about an experience you
received, you may exchange the gift for credit
towards other Spur experiences.
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Introducing Spur Ticketing.
You can now register for tickets on SPUR for
concerts, sporting events and performing arts.
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Pick a charity you love and SPUR will give
them 5% of your registry sales.
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Guests can buy as little as 10% of a gift,
so you can register for extraordinary experiences
while keeping gifts affordable.
If your experience is not fully purchased, you
can always use the funds towards other Spur Experiences.



Spur Experiences is an online experience-based wedding registry site. Spur Experiences is one of the best new alternative wedding registries, where engaged couples skip on the traditional gifts, and instead register for memorable experiences. Couples create their free online wedding registry with Spur Experiences, and add unconventional wedding gifts such as skydiving, wine tasting and snowmobiling. Spur Experiences is the top new wedding registry for modern couples.

Engaged couples use Spur Experiences to create a unique wedding registry filled with date nights, wellness experiences, adventures and educational experiences.

Couples can add unique date night experiences to their Spur wedding registry. This includes activities such as wine tasting, bike to farm dinner and romantic hot springs.

Couples can also choose a healthier lifestyle by adding wellness experiences to their alternative bridal registry. This includes experiences such as salt room couples massage, spa memberships and couple's yoga.

Another great category for couples is a wide selection of unique adventure experiences for their modern wedding registry. These couples’ adventures include experiences such as zip line tours, hot air balloon flight, kayaking, and ATV tours.

Wedding guests love Spur Experiences. Guests frequently comment that they would rather give activity gifts, from spa getaways to adventure dates, instead of simply giving a blender or cash.

Spur experiences are now available outside of wedding registries. These experiences are great unconventional wedding gift ideas for couples. You can also buy activity dates for yourself.

Spur Experiences is the best wedding registry site for educational experiences. Engaged couples can register for great couples learning opportunities including dance lessons, cooking classes and motorcycle lessons.

With Spur Experiences, couples select a charity to receive 5% of the sales from their registry. Spur Experiences partners with many charities including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish and Denver Dumb Friends League.

Spur Experiences is the best alternative online wedding registry site for modern couples who prefer experiences over collecting more stuff. Create your free Spur Experiences wedding registry today.